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8 Best PC Games to Distract From College

The opposers of video games might keep calling them a waste of time or might even have a negative influence on the players. However, for some people, that is the only way to get distracted from their daily routine and problems just for a couple of hours and reboot. For example, switching to a totally different activity when studying something is a generally recommended method that helps one absorb and process the information better. So, it is actually quite helpful when kept under control.

Yes, sometimes, one can’t afford to both enjoy their favorite games and keep up with studies due to the tight schedule and looming deadlines. In such cases, one can always address essay writing services online in order to get rid of the excessive stress, take their mind off the studies, and be able to get back to the rest of the tasks. And if you are bored with all the games you’ve got on your PC, we are here to help you expand the list of your favorites! 


Hidden Objects Games

The Count of Monte Cristo

The plot is typical for this genre: some kind of mystery to be solved by finding the key objects among the clutter. You are the one to lead the investigation, solve puzzles and mini-games, and, obviously, spend a lot of time trying to find all those small things you don’t even know how to call. In case you enjoy it, there is also a sequel – The Return of Monte Cristo!

Farmington Tales

Hidden objects games are quite captivating alone. If you lose track of time when playing them, you will rather need to google how to distract from the game actually and send the ‘write my research paper for me’ requests to all the available academic writers. Well, the creators of Farmington Tales took it a step further and combined this genre with a farm story game. So, you’re going to not only look for the listed objects but also tend the farm. In addition, there are blitz tasks that will bring you bonuses and hidden gems!



Serious Sam

This video game series is special not only because of quite unique enemies and the variety of those but also because of the Croteam’s approach to the creation of Serious Sam. The developers made the game engine from scratch since, back in those days, it was too expensive to license other engines. As a result, the engine helped them release The First Encounter and The Second Encounter in 2001 and 2002, respectively. 

Three more parts have been released since then. Each of them excels in the visual rendering of the scenarios, superb sceneries, and a wide range of aliens that swarmed Earth. The series offers the player to solve different puzzles when they are not busy shooting monsters. Sometimes, though, they are actually busy both shooting and solving the puzzles. So, this is all quite serious, you know.

Dead Space

Warning: this one will give you real creeps! The accident on a space station leads to the creation of a special group that arrives at the station in an effort to find out what happened and rescue those who survived. As it turns out, a dangerous infection has spread all over the station and given birth to undead monsters.

Electronic Arts’ franchise is probably one of the scariest horror games and shooters ever made. It is a kind of hybrid of Resident Evil, Doom, and the Alien movie franchise with its own unique features. A number of dark rooms, flashing lights, and spooky creatures jumping out of nowhere. Well, you’ll have no time to think about your studies!

Azteca Bubbles

This one is totally different from the two games above. This is a bubble shooter. No monsters, no adrenaline. Just an attention-grabber that will take your mind off the studies, lectures, and looming finals. All you need to do is not let the chain of colored balls reach the end of the route and destroy them with the help of your dexterity as well as such helpers as:

  • extra life bonus
  • bombball
  • chainbomb


Farm Craft

The farm story genre has been popular for a while, and some games remain the best ones even though they were released years ago. Farm Craft and Farm Craft 2 offers the player to grow fruits, vegetables, and berries, tend to the farm animals and trees, and sell all the goods to take the farm to the next level. 

The main character, Ginger, is a brave and experienced farmer who attends farm conferences, knows the specifics of agricultural business, and loves to uncover the secrets of dishonest businesses.


Epic Games’ creation has gone viral over most gaming platforms you can possibly name. And you can play it on your computer, too. There are three scenarios to choose from:

  • Battle Royale (the classical one)
  • Save the World (the characters are divided into several types and try to kill zombies to, well, save the world)
  • Creative (the building mode is central here – you need to tend your island)

Anno 1701

If you are into various building games, this one will become your favorite one! You are the one who is meant to make a settlement on the island of your choice. As soon as the settlers’ population starts to grow, be ready to address their needs with the resources available. Later, you will have a chance to spur the industrial revolution, expand the range of products the population might need, and colonize other islands in search of more resources. 

Be careful, though. The number of scenarios to play is so huge you might forget about college! You will have enemies to defeat, trade routes to finetune, allies to make, and of course, you are going to need to obey the Queen.


So, these were the top 8 computer games that will help you distract from college. As you can see, there are more than 5 game genres, you will definitely find something to your taste. Just don’t forget that moderation is key in everything, including gaming!

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