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The long-rumored PlayStation State of Play highlighting PSVR 2 features has yet to take place, but Sony has offered players an early look at the hardware’s user experience via the PS Blog nice and early this morning. The PSVR 2 will come packed with new UI features that include a See-Through view, broadcast options, customized “Play Area,” and VR and cinematic modes. Let’s dig in.

Early look at PSVR 2 features and user experience

psvr 2 features Credit: PlayStation

The See-Through view allows players to see their surroundings with their head-mounted display on, meaning you won’t have to take it off to see where you put your controllers or where things are in your room. This is all thanks to the PSVR 2’s embedded front cameras that allow users to switch between viewing their surrounding or PSVR 2 content.

Then, there are broadcast options. Sony didn’t say much about it, but promised that players will be able to record themselves by connecting the PS5 HD Camera to the console. There’s also an option to customize your Play Area. Using the aforementioned embedded front cameras as well as the Sense controllers, players can scan their room and then fiddle with their surrounding virtually. You can expand and customize the area and even set a boundary so that if you accidentally approach your room’s limits while playing, the PSVR 2 will warn you.

psvr 2 features Credit: PlayStation

Finally, we got some information on PSVR 2’s VR mode and cinematic mode. VR mode allows players to enjoy content in 360 view displayed in 4000 x 2040 HDR video format (2000 x 2040 per eye) at 90Hz/120Hz. In the cinematic mode, players can view all non-VR content including the PS5 system and UI on a virtual cinema screen displayed in 1920 × 1080 HDR video format at 24/60Hz as well as 120Hz.

“There are lots of exciting things to look forward to for PSVR 2, and we can’t wait to share more details about our next-generation virtual reality headset that takes a dramatic leap forward in gameplay innovation,” Sony wrote, promising more information soon.

[Source: PS Blog]

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