Digital Foundry has released a Tech Review for Sonic Origins


Sonic Origins, a collection of 4 retro Sonic the Hedgehog games, has been available for 5 days now. With the collection being available for nearly a week now, fans have been gradually taking a look at the technical aspect of Sonic Origins.

This also includes Digital Foundry. Earlier today, they released a Tech Review for Sonic Origins. As the name implies, they reviewed Sonic Origins, but mainly from a technical standpoint. If you’re curious about what they said, a list of highlights can be seen down below.


  • Overall, feels unpolished – glitches and steep price tag make it a tough sell at the moment
  • The games in the collection are not emulated, but are proper ports remade in the Retro Engine
  • The frontend for the collection is powered by the Hedgehog Engine
  • DLC feels tacked on and should have been included
  • The drop dash (now included in all games) feels glitchy compared to Mania
  • Classic Mode still uses the Retro Engine versions of the games and doesn’t feel entirely faithful
  • Lots of minor bugs that need to be addressed (Museum typos, Tails getting stuck, Blue Spheres music tempo not increasing, etc.)


  • All the games are rendered using a bilinear filter rather than a sharp scale, resulting in softened pixels
  • Turning anti-aliasing on in Origins’ settings results in an unacceptably blurry presentation
  • The other video filter options included with Mania are not present in Origins
  • PS5/XSX provides a pristine native 4K frontend, Switch is blurrier
  • Animated videos are incorrectly scaled on the Switch
  • Anniversary Mode is native 16:9 widescreen, Classic Mode is 4:3
  • Sonic CD’s menu is functionally/visually inconsistent with the other games in the collection


  • Overall volume levels are too low, especially on the Switch in portable mode
  • Sonic CD’s animated videos are too loud compared to everything else
  • Several 3&K songs were replaced with versions based on the prototype songs
  • The music in 3&K is muffled compared to the other games
  • Sonic CD’s music extended music loop sections included in the 2011 version are no longer present
  • Sonic CD’s voice samples are not present


  • PS5/XSX frontend runs at 60fps, Switch runs at 30fps and feels less fluid
  • The games feature low input lag and feel remarkably responsive
  • Slowdown eliminated in the games thanks to Retro Engine – games run at a smooth 60fps
  • Special stages are much smoother compared to the original Genesis/CD versions


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