Cartoon: The Trumpist Guide to Fighting Facts

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The first prime time January 6th hearing is upon us and Trump Republicans are going to do everything they can to undermine a full accounting of what happened on that awful day. But it’s not just about that one day, it’s about a coordinated effort within the Republican party to overthrow a legitimate presidential election.

You know, blow up U.S. democracy.

Since January 6th, the Party of Trump has gone all-in with the big election lie that defeated former president Donald Trump won and President Joe Biden “stole” the election. And since they’ve gone all-in with Trump and an attempted American coup, they’re going to do everything they can to minimize the hearings and blow up any accountability and justice.

Be prepared for a Republican storm of whataboutism, denialism, distraction and outrage at the mere existence of a House committee tasked with looking into one of the worst attacks on our democracy.

Here’s hoping facts and real democracy can cut through the storm.

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