Reggie explains why there hasn’t been a new F-Zero game


One classic Nintendo franchise which fans have been clamouring for a new entry in the F-Zero franchise. The last proper F-Zero game we got was F-Zero GX on the GameCube system. Speaking to Venture Beat, former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé claimed that the most likely reason why a new entry hasn’t been made yet by the Kyoto-based company is most likely because they haven’t been able to come up with a new unique gameplay strategy for it.

“Why was F-Zero abandoned? The insight I would share is that, at least during my tenure, Nintendo developers were always experimenting with different gameplay styles, always thinking about where a unique experience could be applied back, either to an existing franchise or maybe creating a new franchise. My bet is that somewhere in the Kyoto development centers, some developer is playing around with an idea that might be applied to F-Zero. It’s never a situation, at least in my experience, where the company makes a conscious decision not to continue supporting X-Y-Z franchise. Historically it just hasn’t worked that way, not when I was there.”

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