Dead Space Remake Aims Its Pulse Rifle at the Start of 2023

PS4 & PS5

Dead Space Remake has received a release date for 2023 and it’s arriving earlier than first anticipated. While EA didn’t seem to mention the game in its fiscal year 2023 release schedule earlier this week, the game is indeed launching at the start of next year. The release date was revealed during the latest developer live stream that focused on the updated artwork.

Starting 2023 with Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake will be released on January 27, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This was earlier than the post-March release date implied by EA’s financial results presentation yesterday as the game turns out to be the mysterious “Remake” in that report. Initially described as unannounced games, it seems like those descriptions now apply to games that could have been previously announced but whose dates haven’t been publicly disclosed. The “sports title” was later confirmed to be Super Mega Baseball 4, while several people now believe the “major IP” to be Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2. The only one remaining a mystery is the “partner title”.

The release date was revealed during an art developer live stream titled “Crafting the Tension“. Players got an early glimpse at the redesigned graphics for the latest generation of consoles as they try to stick to three key principles: “Horror,” “Immersion”, and “A Lived in World”. There was a focus on creating a lived-in look on the USG Ishimura, as well as updates to lighting and VFX like fog, smoke, and pyrotechnics. Isaac’s Engineer Suit has been refined and redesigned to bring it into the modern world too.

In other news, we won’t be seeing Alan Wake 2 this summer as Remedy canceled plans to introduce the game despite development progressing well. Elsewhere, rumors claim that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is about to go free-to-play as Mediatonic promises its “biggest ever announcement” on Monday, May 16.

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