Nacon Studio Milan announced; working on new film franchise survival game

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In recent years NACON have gone big, buying up a host of gaming opportunities in order to establish themselves as a bit of a force; one of those being RIG, a favourite headset brand. That splash is continuing to ripple out, and today they have announced a new studio, bringing RaceWard Studio under a new label – Nacon Studio Milan. 

RaceWard Studio have previously been behind RiMS Racing, their unique motorcycle racer which saw players needing to combine their racing skills with the mechanical. It’s Nacon Studio Milan who will therefore be the RaceWard focus going forward. 

Continuing to rise in stature and grow by hiring new talent, Nacon Studio Milan comes with two areas of expertise: development of racing games by the RaceWard team and action/adventure games by another team. And of course, there is still the option to explore other game genres should they so wish. 

Further, Nacon Studio Milan recently moved to large offices in the city centre, giving their talented developers the chance to fulfil their ambitions and work on the latest projects.

The teams are also working on a brand-new project: a survival game based on one of the world’s most popular film franchises. The studio is therefore looking to increase the size of its team to develop this new and ambitious project. 

“We are proud of the direction we are heading in. Originally a team of racing experts, the studio has grown quickly, and our new talent has given us the desire to explore new territory. That’s why we decided to broaden our horizons and try another type of game. We are looking forward to presenting this new project to the world. Our family is growing and we are hoping to welcome new members soon as we build our team,” said Marco Ponte, CEO of Nacon Studio Milan.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop regarding Nacon Studio Milan and the new unannounced project later this year.

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