The first six years of MMO LOTRO goes fully free-to-play


Lord of the Rings Online is technically already free-to-play, but the MMO splits much of its content into additional paid purchases. The devs announced a month ago that a bunch of additional content would be going free soon, and that update goes live this week as part of update 33.

Update 33 is live as of April 20, and it makes every notable bit of content released for LOTRO up through the 2013 Helm’s Deep update free for everyone. That opens you up to explore freely through level 95, and play with the High-elf race and Rune-Keeper, Warden, and Beorning classes on top of the existing free content.

This change comes alongside LOTRO’s 15th anniversary, and you’ll find an in-game anniversary event taking place starting on The Hill in The Shire (29.9S, 71.5W). If you want to dig into some current paid content, you’ll also be able to check out the Yondershire. You can get more details on what to expect from update 33 on the official site.

Just remember, that as in 2011, you still shall not pay.

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For more free PC games, you can follow that link.

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