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As I write this review up, I am sat on the chair in question. Having used it for a week or so now with bouts of working from home and gaming, I haven’t switched back to my previous chair. In fact, I have already managed to offload my previous chair, as I am planning on continuing to use this one for the foreseeable future.

I said to my partner how we should just buy another two of these chairs rather than a new sofa for the living room. She laughed. I wasn’t joking.

The chair in question is the AndaSeat Spider Man Edition Marvel Collaboration Series Gaming Chair, to give it its Sunday name. Also in this range are other Marvel Avengers: Captain America, Ant Man and Iron Man. Ranging from medium to extra-large, the Spider-man chair is considered large.

As someone with a larger posterior – it is great for twerking though – the large base is more than big enough. In reality, the chair is a bit of a unit, completely dwarfing my previous computer chair. And making it feel completely inept, this Spider-man chair has a lot of neat features. As well as looking infinitely cooler.

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After hauling the 33Kg package upstairs to the makeshift lockdown office – ie. the spare room – it was then time to put it all together. It took me around an hour to get it to resemble a chair-like structure, and for the most part it was very straight-forward. The armrests are already attached to the seat; all that is really needed to do is to put the base together, screw the back to the seat and mount this on the base.  The only tricky part was screwing the back bit to the seat bit; the screws were getting stuck in the inside padding of the back bit so it was a bit of trial and error to find the screwhole. And it was heavy to hold on my own, getting a second person to help with this bit is a good shout.

This AndaSeat chair is adorned in the classic blue and red Spidey colours. Over the years these have become almost as iconic in Hollywood as they have been in comics for years. The seat is predominantly blue while the back is a mix of the two. The design on both sides of the back is identical; it doesn’t exactly match any of the Spider-man suits from the various films, but it is still instantly recognisable.

Where there would normally be gaps at either side of where your head to imitate a racing seat, have been filled in. Initially, I thought they were supposed to represent webbing, but at a second glance they are clearly inspired by Spider-man’s white eyes on his mask. Unlike many other AndaSeat chairs – the Jungle Series Premium and Kaiser 2 Series for instance – this does mean that straps for support pillows cannot pass through these filled-in spaces. Whilst another neat touch, it does come at a cost to practicality.

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The chair does still manage to come with all the extras you would expect though, including a plump yet rigid head pillow that can be secured around the back of the chair via a plastic buckle, and a lumbar support pillow that features the Marvel logo front and centre, again in Spider-man colours.

If those extras weren’t enough, then how about a Spider-man themed rug to place under the chair? This surprisingly large circular rug once again features a web and a spider in the centre. But the purpose is more than purely decorative. This chair weighs a lot and putting this rug underneath can help alleviate some of the pressure on your carpet/floor underneath resulting in fewer scratches or imprints. The rug is also slip resistant thanks to the rubber dots on the bottom.

Those are all the nice touches and extras, but AndaSeat hasn’t skimped on the fundamentals either. Casters, adjustable height, reclining back and easy wipe PVC leather. Though in the warmer months, the pleather may cause you to get a bit toasty, particularly during long online sessions.

Then we get to the armrests, that AndaSeat refer to as 4D armrests. Fancy marketing jargon you may say, but it makes a lot of sense too. They essentially have four different axes of movement: towards/away from the chair, up/down, towards/away from the desk or even tilted inwards/outwards. If I am being a little picky though, they could have perhaps been able to be raised ever so slightly higher. When I am sat up straight, they feel a little lower than I would have liked.

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Coming from a £65 Argos chair to the AndaSeat Marvel Spider-man chair is night and day. As soon as you take a seat you will know where the extra money will have gone. It can be a steep asking price compared to other chairs on the market, but it may well be the last chair you ever buy. The extra room on the base offers a much more comfortable seat, and you can configure the armrests to almost every position you require. It features all the usual stuff for a gaming chair and then some.

Plus, how good does it look? Whether you are looking for some extra comfort, or are a streamer looking to stand out, this is quite simply an incredible looking chair. It’s the kind of chair you would have on display as a talking piece at a dinner party. It’s the kind of chair that even non-Spider-man fans look at with complete envy. It’s the kind of chair that makes all other chairs obsolete.

Huge thanks go out to AndaSeat for sending over the Spider Man Edition Marvel Collaboration Series Gaming Chair for review. If you wish to pick up any of their chairs, hit them up direct. 

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