Moon Knight Is Going to Stay in the MCU for Ten Years, Director Says


Next week, Marvel Studios will return with a fresh origin story, this time of its mystical vigilante from the comics, Marc Spector/Moon Knight. The show will directly tie in with the rest of the Marvel Studios films and Disney+ originals, further expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oscar Issac, who plays the eponymous role in the series, would join Hailee Steinfield’s Kate Bishop, Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau, and later Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan; among the central characters that Marvel brought forth into the franchise via small screen format.

However, Mohamed Diab, the director of Moon Knight, wishes to see that Isaac gets his own film sometime in the future of MCU. Talking to SFX Magazine during the promotion of the show, the director spoke of his vision concerning the future of Marvel’s cult vigilante in its vast universe. Diab said:

I dream and wish for a film. But with Marvel, the way they play it, it’s not like you graduate into a film. You can go into a film and come to a TV show and go back.

Diab further revealed how he already sees his creation for the franchise strengthening his grounds. He said:

But I can tell you for a fact, I can see him in the next 10 years, not just [in] the next film. He’s a very interesting character. He’s probably the most interesting character for any actor to play

Upon being asked about Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of the character in the series, Diab further added:

Oscar is doing a great job. People already like him even from the trailer. I think the show’s going to resonate with people, so I see him staying for a long time.

Marvel’s Plans for Its Series Stars Getting a Film

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Marvel’s idea to directly tie up television productions with the films successfully worked even beyond the studios’ expectations. The studio entered this domain with WandaVision, which debuted on the streaming platform at the mid-peak of the global pandemic. The quarantined audience took well of these new stories that continued several character arcs, accounting for massive critical acclaim for each show. From the beginning, it was clear that actors showing up in these series will somehow make their way to the films, but Marvel surprised the audience when they announced the fourth Captain America film with Anthony Mackie. The decision made it clear that these shows can actually be spun into films, leaving the audience to speculate what character from these shows can now get their own film.

With Moon Knight is nearing its premiere, many are hoping to see Werewolf by Night and Blade cross over with the show, ultimately tying everything belonging to Marvel’s horror-themed outings, as well as other characters. We already know that Blade does share a connection with Dane Whitman/Black Knight, as seen in Eternals. So, Diab’s hope for Oscar Isaac getting his own film in the near future may very soon turn to reality.

For now, Marvel’s slate of film releases is all packed, at least up to 2023, which will probably end Phase Four of the franchise with the debut of Marvel’s first family, Fantastic Four, which is directed by MCU’s Spider-Man Trilogy director Jon Watts. However, the rapid intersection of events due to films and television series running simultaneously can pave the way for the character appearing in future projects sooner than that. Furthermore, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will lose open the multiverse real soon, and God knows what will come out of those portals, changing the MCU forever.

Moon Knight follows Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life. Steven discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.

Moon Knight premiers on Disney+ on March 30. The show stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, Maya Calamawy in lead roles, with Jeremy Slater acting as the series creator.

Moon Knight Location Photos Tease the Return of an MCU All-Star
Moon Knight Location Photos Tease the Return of an MCU All-Star

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