Pauly Shore Talks Pinocchio: A True Story and My Sweet Monster


“I started getting into character the week before, and I just started lying to everyone.” Joked Pauly Shore when asked about his preparation for Pinocchio: A True Story.

Pinocchio: A True Story sees the well-known wooden boy-hero as an acrobat, recruited by a ringmaster for a circus world tour. What starts out as a journey to see the world is soon replaced with Pinocchio falling in love with the ringmaster’s daughter and his yearning to be a real boy.

“I looked at the character and the way it was developed, and the feeling… and I committed to that.” Which turned out to be a solid approach considering the result. Pinocchio: A True Story is honest and fun, and Shore does a great job of elevating the character. It is available to viewers on Digital, On-Demand, and DVD as of March 22.

Pauly Shore’s Pinocchio Voice Went Viral

The trailer release for Pinocchio: A True Story lit up TicTok. Both fans and Lionsgate were having a lot of fun with it, sharing what was dubbed the “yassification” of Pinocchio. “That’s the thing about our business now is you don’t know what’s going to happen… all of a sudden you’re getting calls about how people are liking it and having fun with it. I was flattered and stoked because people having fun with it is really what it’s all about.”

Aside from voice-over work, Shore is also a proficient stand up comic and has acted in more mature roles such as Randy in Guest House. “We’re here to entertain. So, any kind of genre that comes at me, I like to commit. So tonight, I’m in Vegas with my band Pauly Shore and The Crusties… and when I do stand up, I commit… I just love making people happy. And the response I get on the road… I get people that watch my movies and grew up with my stuff, and I think, we have insecurities and fearfulness of what people think, and so every time I go out… I want to make an impact.”

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Drawing from those insecurities and fearfulness is what allows Shore to resonate with audiences, he explained.

“I think it’s just about being authentic in the situation. If I’m on stage, and people aren’t laughing… [I draw back] but then I talk about it and people respond to that… It’s listening to the response of people. Being joyful about the [Pinocchio] voice… it’s about your soul and putting your heart into it. And people connect with that.”

Shore Was Surprised He Was Offered Pinocchio


Shore’s previous voice-over work includes roles like Prince Jam Roll in Duncan Trussell’s The Midnight Gospel, MIC-MIC in The Big Trip, he’s worked on Futurama, A Goofy Movie, and more. Shore commented, however, that he was surprised when his manager reached out to him about Pinocchio.

“This came down the pike with my managers, and they’re like, ‘Hey, this came up.’ And I was like, ‘Are you sure? This makes sense?’ I’m like, ‘Who am I playing?’ They’re like, ‘You’re playing Pinocchio.’ I’m like, ‘Double-check the email. I don’t think they want me to play Pinocchio. That’s probably a different character.’ [But] I guess Lionsgate got it, and they believed in me, and that felt good… I love doing animation. Because you can be as big as you want, be as silly as you want. And, you know, you commit to whatever it is that you feel. And it’s obviously a classic. So, after next week, I’ll be one of the people that did the voice of Pinocchio.”

Pauly Shore in My Sweet Monster

Shore’s next voice-over role is in My Sweet Monster, another Lionsgate production, where he plays the bad guy. “It was great to play a villain. It was funny. Totally different than Pinocchio… Everyone loves a villain… we all have villainous qualities or, we all have sinister kind of looks and feelings, so it was great to do it… In real life, no one wants to be a bad person. But as an actor, to play a bad guy, an evil person, it’s the best.” He commented, likening the sentiment to The Joker. “It’s like The Batman villain. People love [The Joker], so for me to play a bad guy is cool.”

Fans can keep up with Pauly Shore by following him on his social media platforms as well as by tuning into his website. He also has upcoming tour dates for his one-man show, Stick With The Dancing.

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