Oscar Isaac Breaks Down Moon Knight’s Place in the MCU


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has created an impression that every movie and show has to have a connection to the bigger picture, but that may not be the case with Moon Knight — at least not yet. The latest Disney+ offering from Marvel Studios lands next week, and there is still very little known about the main plot of the show or what connections to the MCU will be awaiting fans throughout the limited series. However, according to Oscar Isaac, audiences shouldn’t get themselves too excited for Easter eggs and cameos, as the story mainly stands on its own merit is what drew him to the role.

Moon Knight is the first in a series of darker, supernatural characters being introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other characters in a similar vein are Blade and Werewolf by Night, who will be making their own MCU entrances in the not too distant future, and it is partially for this reason that Moon Knight will not really involve any of the ongoing MCU narratives at this time. The character of Moon Knight will be more brutal and much darker than most of the previous entries in the Marvel story, and while there may be pieces of Marc Spector’s origin tale that will later become more connected to the world around it, right now, this mostly a standalone character-driven series.

“For me, my favorite Marvel film is still the first Iron Man,” Isaac recently told IGN. “You know, it’s the one that feels like it’s breaking through in some way, and it has such an indelible performance, [where] Downey comes in and just owns every minute that he’s on screen. It also feels quite adult, and it’s messy, ‘cause it’s the first one, you know? So I like that a lot. [Moon Knight] was a similar approach, where we’re building this thing from the ground up. It’s still in the universe, but that’s not part of the plot, that’s not part of the story – it rests on its own terms, and it’s really an internal exploration of this person. So this person is not connected to any of his reality that is happening – that’s part of his problem, whether it’s Marvel or not. So it really just tries to get into the skin of this guy.”

Moon Knight Will Find His Place in the MCU But Not in His Introductory Series

Moon Knight Personalities
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According to both Isaac and co-star Ethan Hawke, who plays villain Arthur Harrow, the lack of connection to a larger narrative means that Moon Knight can have “a little more originality.” For those who have criticized the Marvel Studios approach of creating large and elaborately connected movies and TV shows that require a lot of buy-in from audiences to fully engage in the multiple storylines, this will come as a much-needed breath of fresh air. The story of Marc Spector and Steven Grant will be fully focused on fleshing out the character, delving into his personality disorder in a way that has not been explored in quite the same way as Moon Knight promises, and while there will be plenty of Marvel action sequences in the show, that will be one of the biggest strengths of the series.

As well as the portrayal of someone suffering DID, the series will also heavily lean into the Egyptian mythology that the character of Moon Knight is connected to. Spector makes contact with the moon god Khonshu following a near-death experience and this sees him transformed into a super-powered vigilante who takes on some seedy criminals, as well as other supernatural beings. The introduction of such a character now is a big step down a new route for the MCU, and with some boundary-pushing characters and storylines coming down the line, it makes the future yet again an exciting project for Marvel fans.

Oscar Isaac Compares His Moon Knight and X-Men: Apocalypse Roles
Oscar Isaac Compares His Moon Knight and X-Men: Apocalypse Roles

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