Halo’s Pablo Schreiber Talks About Removing His Helmet While Filming the Series


Pablo Schreiber will be playing Spartan and Earth’s overall hero, Master Chief, in the highly anticipated Halo adaptation on Paramount+. Recently, Schreiber sat down with Comicbook.com and spoke about his experiences playing the character on the set. He also spoke on what seems to be a growing fad for streaming shows lately: the removal of the helmet. Indeed, Master Chief will be the next character to pull this off in the upcoming series. Schreiber previously spoke on removing his helmet but was asked to elaborate more about the moment.

“No, it’s not nerve-wracking. It feels really exciting, It’s tailoring the entertainment for the medium, right? Halo is a first-person shooter game, and so Chief has always been kept as a symbol, a very vague character that you don’t really get to know because you’re meant to be him. You put yourself in that position and fill out all the details of the personality with your own.We’re making a TV show and in order to have an audience connect with the character over the course of a long-term TV show, there’s no way you can pull an audience through that without getting to know the character, without relating to the character, without empathizing with the character. And that feels virtually impossible to do with a helmet on all the time.”

Master Chef Isn’t the Only Character Who is Known for Helmets


This point rings out loud for viewers of Disney + especially. Over the past few seasons in the Star Wars spin-offs, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, the decision was made to have the main characters Din Djarin and Boba Fett, respectively, either remove their helmet or be seen for an extended period of time without it. Those characters represent a race of warriors, The Mandalorians, who must keep their helmets on until they choose to reveal themselves, in which case they cannot identify as one of the legendary warriors anymore. This is only half true for Boba Fett though, as he doesn’t fully identify with the warrior race. This point leads back to Halo. The franchise, spawned by a video game that has now turned into other forms of media, features Master Chief, a Spartan warrior who is not known for showing much skin either.

As mentioned above, the Mandalorians have rules. Schreiber continued on the Spartans’ rule of thumb regarding helmets.

“The only rule about not taking your helmet off [for Spartans] is the one about Chief not taking his off because you’re meant to believe you’re him,So this is a new form of entertainment, it’s a new medium. It’s a chance for people who have played as Chief for so long to put the controller down, sit back on the couch, enjoy the experience of learning about the Chief in a way that you have never done before. And I think it’s an opportunity for all of us to get to know him in a better way.”

Halo finally drops on Paramount+ on March 24th. You can check out Schreiber as Master Chief, and Jen Taylor will be reprising her role from the video games as the voice of Cortana.

Halo TV Show Will Provide a New Portrayal of Master Chief
Halo TV Show Will Provide a New Portrayal of Master Chief

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