DC’s Aquamen Team is Breaking Up Before It’s Even Begun


Warning! Contains a preview for DC’s Aquamen #2

In a new preview for DC Comics’ Aquamen series, Jackon Hyde’s partnership with the original Aquaman is already at risk of falling apart. While recent comics have been putting the new Aquaman through the wringer, Arthur Curry isn’t making things any easier for Jackson with the reveal that he’s been working with his supervillain father Black Manta in secret. Now, this new preview sees Jackson’s reaction to Arthur’s other partnership (and he’s not happy).

In previous issues from DC Comics, Jackson Hyde’s mother was put into a coma as seen in Aquaman: The BecomingBlaming himself, Jackson has become darker and more brutal in his tactics, a fact which wasn’t lost on Arthur Curry in the first issue of Aquamen. That being said, things have only gotten worse for Jackson with the reveal that his estranged father Black Manta has been working with Arthur. While it’s strange enough that two of DC’s biggest rivals would be working together, it’s also confirmed that Arthur kept the truth from his new partner and fellow Aquaman.

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While Arthur tries to explain that they need Black Manta’s help with a rising threat to both the oceans and the surface world, Jackson doesn’t want to hear it in the preview for Aquamen #2 from Brandon Thomas, Chuck Brown, and Sami Basri. Furthermore, Black Manta doesn’t help the situation by being his cold-hearted self which leads to a brawl before Jackson eventually leaves, breaking off his partnership with Arthur’s Aquaman before it’s truly even begun. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue:







AQUAMEN #2- After the shocking revelation at the end of last issue, will the new Aquamen partnership be over before it even begins?! With more Atlantean sleepers awaking, the team races to discover what Orm’s role is in the situation…and how long has he been involved?!

Whatever danger is on the horizon must be pretty extreme for Arthur to even consider working with Black Manta. However, Jackson has been dealing with so much already between his mother and inner struggle about claiming the Aquaman name that he doesn’t want to hear the original Aquaman’s explanations. Clearly, Arthur shouldn’t have kept Black Manta a secret for as long as he did, and he should have anticipated how Jackson would react.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Jackson does next seeing as how he took the body Arthur and Manta were wanting to autopsy as it apparently holds the key to whatever this rising danger might be. While the new Aquaman may eventually come back to reteam with Arthur, they’re certainly off to a rocky start thanks to the presence of Black Manta. That being said, DC fans will be able to learn more when the full Aquamen #2 releases on March 22nd.

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