Bridgerton: 8 Best Fashion Moments From Season 1


The release of Bridgerton’s second season is getting dangerously close. On top of being excited about the new developments, we cannot hold back the anticipation of the new costumes the actors will be wearing in the upcoming season and the iconic fashion moments it will surely bring. Whether it’s the fashion of the Bridgerton family or the supporting characters, we’re always blown away by the spectacular details on the attires.

With new additional Desi actresses (Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran) joining the Bridgerton cast, we’re even more impatient to see the outfits awaiting us in the second season. In the meantime, here are eight best fashion moments from season one.

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8 Benedict’s Blue Waistcoat With Golden Bees


It was honestly really difficult to choose one costume from the many that Benedict (Luke Thompson) has worn during season one. But, scrolling through the different outfits, this one catches your eye instantly thanks to one tiny detail. As of now, we have learned to appreciate the color, detail, and combination on/of Benedicts waistcoats and bows. If you look closely enough, you can see golden bees on this particular costume. As you may have noticed, the bees are a recurring theme in the TV show — what you may not know is that, although not mentioned, the Bridgerton patriarch died from a bee sting. Screen Rant has speculated that, thanks to this detail, the focus of season two will shift on Benedict, but we already know that Anthony and his love triangle are going to be central in the upcoming season.

7 Eloise’s White Opera Gown


Eloise (Claudia Jessie) has always done her best to be there for her siblings, despite going through struggles of her own. We’re all aware that she doesn’t have any desire to get married, nor attend all the social events looking pretty. She’d rather stay in her room, reading or investigating the true identity of Lady Whistledown. Eloise looks extremely beautiful in anything she wears. Since dressing up in proper fancy clothing is a once-in-a-blue-moon occasion for her, we have to appreciate the white opera gown. Despite the awkwardness with which she carries herself on such occasions, she also makes the costumes look effortlessly beautiful, especially the yellow flowered detailing.

6 Anthony’s Blue Velvet Suits


What you can’t miss about Anthony’s (Jonathan Bailey) character is that he loves his blue velvet clothing. As it has been discussed, the Bridgerton’s family color is indeed blue and since Anthony is now the patriarchal head of the family, he tends to wear the deepest shades of blue. We’re excited to see whether the color coding of his clothing will somehow change, as it did with Daphne, since the official trailer for season 2 shows that he appears to have a new love interest.

5 The Duke’s Blue Garment


Duke Simon’s (Regé-Jean Page) clothing choices have probably the most heartbreaking meanings behind them. As he progressively falls more in love with Daphne, the usual dark colors of his costumes start turning into vibrant ones. What’s most important is the green brooch he always has pinned to his garments and waist coasts. As it appears, the brooch belonged to his late mother, who died giving birth to him. You can see the green brochure pinned to his blue garment on the picture above as well. It’s his own way of keeping his mother close to his heart.

4 Daphne’s Baby Blue Dress


The signature pastel blue color is something that can’t go unnoticed when going through all of Daphne’s costumes. As costume designer Ellen Mirojnick explained to Vogue, “These pale blues, silvers and greens that feel like whispers of color. Later on, as Daphne gets older, the colors become duskier. The pinks and blues are richer and the silvers deepen as she grows and matures.” The wide range of over a hundred different costumes has made it challenging to pick the right one, but this baby blue dress for strolling has won us over.

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3 Penelope’s Strolling Dress


Of course, Bridgerton‘s fashion may not be entirely historically accurate, but that doesn’t take away our joy of looking at the aesthetically pleasing pieces. And Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) is the living and breathing proof. The styling choices for her character are arguably one of the best ones in the whole series. Whether it’s the vibrant color or the tiaras she so often wears, Penelope rocks each and every outfit. It’s interesting how Daphne’s costumes stay monochromic throughout the series, while Penelope’s always the first one to catch your eye in the room. We are surely not complaining. All it takes is one look at Penelope’s flowery dress for strolling, and you realize how well it compliments her personality.

2 Queen Charlotte’s Turquoise And Burgundy Dress


Queen Charlotte’s (Golda Rosheuvel) extravagant dresses simply had to place so high in our ranking, and if you disagree, well there is no hope for you. All jokes aside, every time the Queen appears on the screen, she immediately steals the spotlight, whether with her strong charisma or the massive costumes. A lot of her costumes are indeed anachronistic, but all the more iconic. From the white embellished court gown in episode five to the pink and gold dress in episode 2, Rosheuvel makes everything look majestic. The one that stands out the most for us is the turquoise and burgundy dress she was wearing when Eloise approached her to share news on Lady Whistledown.

1 Marina Thompson’s Engagement Dress


Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker) arrives to London for the sole purpose of finding a good suitor for marriage, despite carrying a child and being in love with someone else. There are countless interesting details about Marina’s styling choices, but the one worth mentioning is the necklace we see her wearing in the first episodes of the show. As Los Angeles Times points out, “She wears a “lover’s eye” necklace. An “eye miniature,” or tiny portrait of her lover’s eye, hangs around her neck on a strand of pearls.” The necklace represents her longtime lover fighting in war. But, as she and Colin are about to announce their engagement, you can no longer see the necklace on her chest. In addition, the yellow dress with pink roses make her look like an actual princess.

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