Shawn Levy Ignites Speculation That Hulk Will Appear in Deadpool 3


It really doesn’t take much to spark a rumor about Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, so there is no one that will believe The Adam Project and Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy didn’t know what he was doing when he shared an image of Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds with a comment of “Little did I know…”, a Deadpool hashtag and images of both Hulk and Deadpool in attendance. Just like that, fans are now convinced that Ruffalo could be appearing in the new Deadpool movie as the Hulk, and there is nothing going to make them think otherwise until it is categorically proven otherwise.

It was announced last week that Levy will be taking the helm of Ryan Reynolds’ first Deadpool outing as an MCU character, and after directing Reynolds and Ruffalo in The Adam Project for Netflix it is clear there is a good working relationship between the group. The image shared by Levy is taken from the set of The Adam Project, but having the actor’s respective Marvel characters in shot is certainly something that doesn’t exactly seem accidental and can only spark rumors of who Deadpool could be meeting from the MCU in his next movie appearance.

There have already been calls from fans for Wolverine star Hugh Jackman to make a return to the franchise with an appearance in the movie, but that seems very unlikely considering Jackman has said on many occasions that he is now done with his X-Men character. These days though, that doesn’t mean anything at all as we have seen on multiple occasions recently.

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A Hulk/Deadpool Crossover Does Make A Lot of Sense In Some Ways

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Deadpool is coming to the MCU, that is beyond down and not up for debate. We also know that when he does arrive, the much loved character will be the same R-rated Deadpool that has already proved to be massively successful in two previous movie outings. However, becoming part of the MCU means that there is one big difference between this Deadpool and previous outings and that is the potential for crossovers.

As we have seen with Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds is more than happy to pull in references to Disney’s Marvel heroes when the opportunity arises, and with everything linked to the MCU having some kind of crossover no matter how obscure it seems at the time, there is little doubt that Deadpool 3 will be making use of some of the MCU’s established roll call when it finally arrives.

When it comes to a possible meeting between Deadpool and the Hulk, the two have met and battled a few times in the history of Marvel Comics and that could indicate that the same is going to happen in the MCU. However, in the same respect, Deadpool has crossed paths with many Marvel heroes in his time, so while his MCU debut is still a little way off, there really could be anyone turning up when Deadpool 3 is finally released in cinemas in the next few years.

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