Never Have I Ever: Why Devi Should End Up with Ben


Never Have I Ever has been renewed for a fourth and final season. Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), the Netflix show follows Indian-American teen Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) as she navigates grief, relationships, and high school.

One of the continuous storylines in the series is Devi’s love life. Season 1 sees Devi pursuing Paxton Yoshida-Hall (Darren Barnet), a popular swimming star. They end up developing a romantic relationship, but Devi also realizes the romantic potential in her friend/nemesis, Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison), towards the end of the season. This led to Devi secretly dating both Paxton and Ben for two episodes in season 2. After her two-timing is revealed, Devi spends the season being jealous of Ben’s relationship with a new Indian-American student before ultimately getting back together with Paxton at the winter dance.

With two more seasons of the series on the horizon, viewers should find out who Devi will be with long-term before the show ends. Based on chemistry, his actions, and her choices, Devi should be with Ben by the end of Never Have I Ever.

Their Chemistry

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Devi is open in the show that she sees the potential for a physical relationship with Paxton, but not an emotional one. Their romantic relationship develops because she attempts to initiate a physical relationship with him in season 1. With Ben, it’s clear they’ve been straddling the line of enemies-to-lovers for a while. Ben had been in a relationship most of the first season and, after realizing his feelings for Devi, ended that relationship. Devi begins to realize her feelings for Ben are complicated as they grow closer throughout the season.

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As Devi and Ben transition from academic rivals to friends, the line between friends and crushes begins to blur for them. It seems like they are both allowing themselves to feel things they hadn’t previously because of their rivalry. Instead of their banter coming across as just combative, there’s a flirty tone to it. Though they’ve spent a good portion of their academic careers being at odds, they were still getting to know each other. That only strengthens the chemistry between them when their romantic relationship begins in the second season. Their history makes for a strong emotional bond and connection, which Devi doesn’t have with Paxton.

Ben Shows Up

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Ben is there for Devi when she needs him. When Paxton turns down her invitation to the winter dance in season 2, Ben is the one comforting her in the bathroom as she cries over the guy she cheated on him with. He’s the one that let her stay at his house when she was having trouble at home in season 1. Ben was there for Devi even when he was still angry at her for what she did.

Ben is the one that knew he wanted to be with Devi, whereas Paxton wanted to keep her hidden like a shameful secret. He even wanted to discuss how they could be together when she moved to India at the end of the semester (a move that didn’t end up happening). Ben was ready to commit to Devi and understood what it meant. There was no hesitation on his part, which shows that he is the one that is going to be there for her through anything.

What Devi Wants

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It’s clear from the start that most of Devi’s reasons for liking Paxton are based solely on his physical appearance. She chose him in season 1 because of his looks and reputation. When her therapist asks her what she likes about Paxton, she says he’s super attractive and nice to his sister. When her therapist asks her what she likes about Ben, she says they can talk for hours, and he’s smart. While Devi’s pros and cons list does have one of Ben’s pros as being rich, there are fewer superficial reasons listed on his pros list than on Paxton’s.

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When Eleanor, one of Devi’s best friends, speaks to Ben in the season 2 finale, she admits that she and Fabiola, Devi’s other best friend, convinced Devi to pick Paxton over him. Ben was Devi’s choice. At her friends’ insistence, she tries to break it off with Ben and can’t. Paxton ends up deciding he wants to be with her, and she can’t turn him down because Paxton is her friends’ choice, which leads to her dating both guys at the same time. It’s Ben she’s jealous of for moving on after this. She continues to try and discretely sabotage Ben’s relationship with Aneesa, the new Indian-American student. Only after accepting that Ben and Aneesa are together, and she can’t change that, does she get back together with Paxton. Paxton is her second choice.

Devi’s decisions and actions show that Ben was her first choice throughout season 2, even though the season ended with her and Paxton together. With season 3 coming this summer, viewers will see where Devi and Paxton’s relationship goes, if Eleanor’s confession drives a wedge in Ben’s relationship with Aneesa, and who Devi is with after the dust settles.

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