Francis Ford Coppola Makes Surprising Admission That He Likes Deadpool


In recent years, the might of Marvel Studios and the MCU, the biggest continuous cinematic story ever put on film, has drawn a lot of criticism from some long-standing filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. Still, it seems that the latter of these does have one Marvel weakness: Deadpool. Having previously joined the list of those who have become critics of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems that while the director may not like the whole franchise scenario being played out by Marvel, he believes that Ryan Reynolds’s movie Deadpool is “amazing.”

In a statement that will come as a surprise to some, Coppola recently complimented the R-rated movies for taking risks and it will be interesting to see if Deadpool’s MCU debut will continue to be Coppola-approved in the coming years. The comments from the iconic director came during a Variety profile, during which he said:

“I liked ‘Deadpool,’ I thought that was amazing. Cinema is supposed to illuminate contemporary life, and make us understand what’s going on. So we need the artists to give us a vision of what’s going on.”

This is quite a differing opinion from what he previously said when discussing Marvel movies with Deadline. In that interview, Coppola called out Marvel for using a “formulaic approach” for nothing more than financial gain. He added then, “I feel that approach is taken to reduce the economic risk of movies and I feel the ‘risk factor’ is an element that makes movies sometimes be great. Also, the formulaic film draws most available resources to them, leaving little for more daring productions, reducing diversity.”

Francis Ford Coppola Enjoys the Risk of Cinema, and Deadpool was a Risk

20th Century Fox

It seems that the reason Deadpool is a surprising hit with Coppola is because of the risks it takes, rather than relying on a well-established franchise. When it comes to risks, Deadpool’s journey to screen was full of them, and in many ways, the fact that it was made at all came down to a series of risky decisions that paid off in a big way.

Deadpool was first considered for film back in 2000, when a Marvel deal seemed to set to see Deadpool make his big-screen debut via New Line Cinema. Although Ryan Reynolds was involved from those very early stages, it would take another 16 years for Deadpool to finally get the cinematic outing he demanded. While his initial debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, that appearance was hated by fans, as it took away pretty much everything that made Deadpool the character he is. While the pitch for a Deadpool movie was rejected multiple times by 20th Century Fox, following the alleged leaking of test footage by Reynolds, the reaction to it proved enough for Fox to agree to greenlight the movie.

There was never a guarantee that gamble to go ahead with the Deadpool movie would pay off, but after the movie and its sequel both pulled in almost $800 million each, it is easy to see why there is already so much hype around Deadpool 3, even without the consideration that this will be the first time a Deadpool movie is being made under the Marvel Studios banner. With Reynolds teasing that things are moving forward with the script, it is still going to be a couple of years or more before we see the character back on the big screen, and this time around, the still R-rated character will be gunning to make his first $1 billion movie.

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