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Marvel issued the following teasers for X-Force and Knights Of X as seen in yesterday’s X-Force and Excalibur, with the confirmed creative teams. First that “The Fate Of Otherworld is in danger in new Destiny Of X title Knights Of X! Writer Tini Howard and artist Bob Quinn begin a new quest of mutants and magic in Knights Of X this April.” Bleeding Cool previously guessed Tini on this – though Rod Reis was just drawing the cover, Bob Quinn – recently of The Way Of X is the artist – so someone new will be joining Si Spurrier on Legion Of X (we also guess). And also “X-Force’s mission becomes even deadlier in Destiny Of X! Writer Benjamin Percy and artist Robert Gill kick off a new era of X-FORCE in April” seeing Percy continue his Wolverine and X-Force storylines from the current run and through The X Lives and X Deaths of Wolverine, to come in January.

Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X
Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men’s Destiny Of X
Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X
Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men’s Destiny Of X

We previously reported that, as part of the Destiny Of X books, it looks like Knights Of X will indeed continue on from Excalibur in the Krakoan X-Men line. But more so, just as Excalibur has ventured into Otherworld, the supernatural fairy world that both Merlyn and Captain Britain originate – and that Sir James Jaspers and the Furies have made home. It is now confirmed by the over PR that this will be the sole focus of Knights Of X, being the Otherworld book and exploring its many realms. How many realms, you ask? Ten. Just as House Of X was really House Of Ten – the tenth life of Moira Mactaggert, and Powers Of X was really Powers Of Ten – looking at time periods when it began, ten years later, a hundred years later and a thousand years later, so Knights Of X is really Knights Of Ten. Or rather, Knights Of Ten Realms.

I have no idea if X-Force is meant to be Ten Force though…

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