Spawn #324 Sees Antifa And Alt-Right As Angels And Demons…

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In the Spawn comic book series written by Todd McFarlane, there are… a lot more Spawns around right now. Enough to make up a new team, The Scorched, launching next month. Which, in the Spawn universe, have made supernatural entities walking the streets a little more visible than before.

Spawn Antifa Alt-Right

Including hordes of zombies and angels, gathering around the place and getting up to no good.

Spawn Antifa Alt-Right

Fighting their battles of HEaven and Hell, across the Earth. So how do the population of the world explain this away? Well, it’s handy that previous action by Al Simmons, the human identity of Spawn, has caused marches across the world to take place…

Spawn Antifa Alt-Right

… so people looking like Spawn, or in the Spawn world can be explained away as colourful display aspects of that protest. After all, no one thought someone dressed as Spider-Man on a march was actually Spider-Man.

Spawn Antifa Alt-Right

Although you can rely on the shock-jocks to explain it away in other terms. Antifa and the alt-right!

Spawn Antifa Alt-Right

The only question to ask is which are the demons and which are the angels? Are there really supernatural entities on both sides? Of course, regular readers know who that guy really is… as revealed in Spawn #299, Brock ‘The Shock’ Fennel…

Spawn 299

An actual demonic entity on the air, spreading discord and disunity. And has been doing so in the comics for thirty years.

Spawn 299

Another one of those immigrants from Hell coming over here and taking jobs meant for humans… or at least sub-humans.

(W) Todd McFarlane (A) Carlo Barberi (CA) Don Aguillo
With no more heroes living at his headquarters, Spawn is finally left alone to pursue his new goal of finding the one enemy that can give him “THE SECRET” to saving his own soul. Plus, new villain SINN returns, marking his first appearance since SPAWN’S UNIVERSE #1!In Shops: Dec 01, 2021
SRP: $2.99

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