NZXT is selling a powerful RTX 3070 Ti gaming PC for cheaper than expected


Black Friday may have passed by, but the best deals haven’t necessarily gone with it. In fact, there’s a great Black Friday gaming PC deal over at NZXT right now, which shaves off 10% from its gaming and streaming PCs.

Now it’s not every day that we’ll talk up a 10% discount, but when you’re spending a couple of grand on a gaming PC, it adds up. In this case we’re talking about the NZXT Streaming Plus PC, which would usually go for $1,999. With NZXT’s Legendary Loot deal, it’s down to $1,799. It’s worth noting you won’t see the final price until you hit the checkout, however.

What you get for that cash doesn’t appear some half-baked PC surrounding an RTX 3070 Ti, either. There’s an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X for a CPU, and 16GB of 3,000MT/s RAM to keep it fed. That’s slotted into a B550 ATX motherboard, though it’s not specified which one. From the pictures, it appears there may be a Gigabyte model in circulation, but there is a note to say ‘components may vary from images shown.’

Same goes for that Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti, which is pictured as a Founders Edition card—the same one I checked out in our Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti review—though may be different. It’d definitely be great to know what exactly you’re getting, but from our sister site Tom’s Hardware’s review for the cheaper model (which is unfortunately sold out), it appears to be known-brand parts through and through, at least.

The chassis is of course one of NZXT’s own, the H510, which I’ve built a PC into a couple of times in the past and can attest to its clean-cut appearance and smart cable management. It’s also available in white or black. 

Similarly, we rate NZXT’s coolers highly, though I’ve not used the single 120mm radiator NZXT Kraken M22 included with this build. It’s a little different in its construction, and appears a little pricey as an individual part, but seeing as this PC is a good deal that doesn’t take away from it here.

Other important specs of note include the 750W gold PSU, 1TB PCIe 3.0 SSD (which could be upgraded to PCIe 4.0 down the line for a little boost), and dual-channel 16GB XPG Gammix D10 RAM.

The key thing to note here, however, is price. our Alan Dexter put together a crib sheet of gaming PC prices—a guide to what you should, and shouldn’t, pay for a gaming PC this Black Friday. In that guide, we state an RTX 3070 Ti PC (further component choice notwithstanding) will probably set you back around $1,900. Or at least we’d be happy enough with that.

Meanwhile one of the only RTX 3070 Ti gaming PCs we could actually find at anything close to deal was this $2,100 build over at Best Buy—this graphics card hasn’t shown up in many deals at all this Black Friday.

So with that in mind, the NZXT at $1,799 really stands out. It’s nearly as cheap as what we’d look to pay for an RTX 3070 gaming PC today, which is around $1,700.

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