Lucky the Pizza Dog Gets His Own Infinity Comic on Marvel Unlimited

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Marvel still hasn’t added basic features like reading playlists or proper browse functionality to the Marvel Unlimited app, but on the bright side, they did just add a brand infinity comic one-shot starring Lucky the Pizza Dog, capitalizing on the canine’s expected newfound fame from the Hawkeye TV series that launches today and the flood of Rennerbronies who will be hungry for more Hawkeye after watching the first episode. Jason Loo is the writer and artist behind the one-shot special, Lucky Delivers, which is available to read now.

A press release on reads:

Read LUCKY THE PIZZA DOG #1, only on the Marvel Unlimited app!

In “Lucky Delivers,” Kate Bishop waits for her pizza to arrive. And waits. And waits… What’s a Hawkeye’s best friend to do but some investigating of his own? You can count on Pizza Dog to save the day—and dinner!

Hawkeye is also available to stream right now on Disney+. The show stars Jeremy Renner as the titular Hawkeye, and also Hailee Steinfeld as the titular Hawkeye. They’re both called Hawkeye. What’s so hard to understand about that? God, you readers need everything explained to you. Just shut up and read the preview below.

Marvel Unlimited features over 29,000 Marvel Comics and costs $9.99 a month, with discounts for an annual subscription. You can learn more here.

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