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Hot Wheels Unleashed launched just a matter of months back to some rather critical acclaim. Fast, furious and delivering pretty much everything you would expect of a game with the brand behind it, if it was arcade-styled micro-racing you were after, it provided it. Now though Milestone are pushing forth with new ideas with the time-limited DC Super-Villains Racing Season. 

Available right now for all Hot Wheels Unleashed players to enjoy, the DC Super-Villains Racing Season is a time-limited event, running from now until January 18th 2022. If you’re down with racing for 8 weeks or so, we highly advise you get this picked up sooner rather than later. 

The DC Super-Villains Racing Season is the first season to roll out into Unleashed and by purchasing it for £4.99 (separate purchases are required for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players), it’ll give you access to no less than 21 premium in-game items. 

These come in the form of 6 vehicles, 12 Basement elements and 3 additions for your Unleashed Profile. In all, full details of those are as follows:

  • – 6 vehicles: Bane, The Cheetah™, Poison Ivy™, Black Manta™, Deathstroke™, Harley Quinn™
  • – 12 elements for your Basement: 3 walls, 2 floors, 2 doors, 2 decorations, 2 posters, 1 set of 4 posters
  • – 3 elements for your Unleashed Profile: 1 icon, 1 tag, 1 background

Expect to be treated to some serious gears and coins too. 

If racing die-cast toys is your bag, and the DC universe is super tempting, then you’ll do well to get a download moving of the DC Super-Villains Racing Season pack right now. You’ll find it on all formats – Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. 

And further to that, Batman fans need to stay tuned for some serious caped crusader themed gear from December 2nd. We’ll be sure to remind you when that comes around. 

DLC Description:

This season will be playable until: 18 January 2022. The HOT WHEELS™ – DC Super-Villains Racing Season will be available for purchase until: CET: 13 January 2022 at 6pm ET: 13 January 2022 at 12pm PT: 13 January 2022 at 9am This DLC is not included in any HOT WHEELS™ Pass This season may be dedicated to the Bad Guys, but it’s filled with good news! HOT WHEELS™ – DC Super-Villains Racing Season is now available! This DLC allows you to unlock all the premium items of the season and immediately get a fantastic reward: Deathstroke™! Make your way through thrilling levels and complete exciting challenges to get vehicles and exclusive customisations inspired by DC Comics’ most ruthless villains! Conquer the abnormal strength of Bane, the razor-sharp claws of The Cheetah™, the toxic charm of Poison Ivy™, the stamina of Black Manta™ and the killer-instinct of Deathstroke™. Oh, and you’ll go crazy for Harley Quinn™ too! Includes 15 new unlockable elements for your Unleashed Profile and for your Basement! These rewards are pretty good, even for the Bad Guys Season!

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