Thor Vs Hulk In 2022 Will Come With A New Level Of Gore And Violence

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On his Substack, Donny Cates has been talked about the upcoming level of violence on his new Hulk comic book series with artist Ryan Ottley.

“This is the only book I’ve ever done that has had to go to several different meetings with higher ups to see if the level of violence and gore is going to be appropriate to publish. And every single time they say, “yeah, okay, you can do this,” I ramp it up even more. We’re gonna find what the upper ceiling on gore and violence is. I guess we haven’t hit it yet. But we’re gonna f-cking keep trying for sure.”

As well as where that violence is heading towards.

“You know, next year is the anniversary of Thor and Hulk. It’s like the 60th or something anniversary of both characters. And there hasn’t been a writer writing both of those books at the same time since Stan. And as far as the Donny Cates like, whatever saga or mythology goes, I would be remiss if I didn’t take that opportunity to make the fucking craziest fight that Marvel Comics has ever seen. Marvel saw fit, somehow, to give me the most powerful characters in the entire pantheon. And then they were, like, shocked when things got violent.”

Thor Vs Hulk In 2022 Will Come With A New Level Of Violence
Incredible Hulk #300

I’ll always remember Hulk Vs Thor in Hulk #300. Let’s see how Marvel Comics tops that in 2022. But it’s not the only story Donny Cates will be reprising

“That being said, there’s definitely going to be some Thor antics. And then there’s one fun little thing that happens, which is… Remember in King in Black, when Tony Stark rode a dragon into a Celestial’s body and took it over and f-ckin’ became an Iron Celestial? Well, Tony still has it…. And he’s been working on it. So that might be fun to play with.”

We remember…

Thor Vs Hulk In 2022 Will Come With A New Level Of Violence
King In Black #3

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