Nintendo has managed to get YouTube videos of a Mario NFT gambling fan game taken down


It isn’t surprising to see that Nintendo has been trying to take down a Nintendo-related fan game, as Nintendo has done this many times over the years, but it may surprise you a little to find out what the latest example of this pattern is. In fact, this time, you might not even be upset that this happened.

You see, it has been discovered that Nintendo has been getting gameplay videos removed that promote a Mario fan game where players gamble with crypo-currency NFTs. The project’s administrator has since acknowledged that this is, indeed, Nintendo’s doing. However, they also heavily defended the game, even calling it a “cool indie concept”, and telling “all the Nintendo simps having a panic attack, fear not. When we go live the entire game will have custom art with none of the original Nintendo fanmade sprites. This was just a proof of concept. The engine is custom made and will be used for other original games.”

As stated earlier in this post, there may be some of you that are not even that upset with this fan game being taken down by Nintendo. NFTs are a form of crypto-currency that has been receiving a lot of criticism for harnessing amounts of data that are so extreme, it actually harms the environment. Nevertheless, the game itself has not been taken down yet, only some YouTube gameplay videos. If Nintendo’s actions against the team increase, we’ll let you know.


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