Phasmophobia Nightmare update launches tomorrow with a haunted campsite


The Phasmophobia Halloween update is arriving tomorrow after numerous teases over the last month, and is now titled Phasmophobia Nightmare – after the new, presumably more intense difficulty level that’ll be a key part of the update, along with a tease of the new campsite map.

The new update was teased back in September, after developer Kinetic Games added a new card to Phasmophobia’s public Trello board promising a “major update” for Halloween. Most of the information was previously “redacted”, but the card now states that the Halloween update will include a campsite map, two new ghosts, and a difficulty rework that incorporates a new “nightmare difficulty” setting.

Earlier this month Kinetic Games posted a teaser for the two new ghost types showing the journal entry for one of them. Most of the information was blurred, but players have theorised based on what was shown that it could be the game’s first ghost pair called ‘The Twins’ – which, if correct, I’m betting will be based on cinema’s most famous ghost pair from The Shining.

The latest tease confirms that the new Phasmophobia Nightmare update will launch tomorrow, October 25, at 4 PM BST / 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST. It was accompanied by a picture of a creepy campsite, which the Trello card confirms will be the game’s new map – which will be both interesting and terrifying, especially without any doors to close or real places to hide.

This is the biggest update to come to Phasmophobia since Kinetic Games dropped in the creepy Myling and Goryo ghosts back in August – apparently the team was telling the truth when it said it had “big things ahead” for one of the best horror games on PC.

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