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Sigh. If only we could satisfy Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s unreasonable demands by stuffing their heads into virtual reality goggles. Then maybe Democrats could pass truly meaningful legislation that would do a world of good.

Instead, the fate of our nation and the warming of the world is in the hands of one coal addled senator from West Virginia. Keep in mind the fight over the Build Back Better agenda is not a progressives vs. moderates battle, it’s a Democratic agenda that is getting blocked by two “centrist” holdouts.

Manchin has made (and continues to make) millions from the coal industry and he, surprise surprise, is opposed to clean energy requirements in the legislation.

Sinema is saying no to the part of the plan that lowers prescription drug prices after (again, surprise surprise) she raked in campaign cash from the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s so predictable and so sad — but most disturbingly, it’s so antidemocratic. Just two naysayers who represent a tiny fraction of voters are blowing up what may very well be our best chance to make far-reaching, meaningful change.

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