Everyone Is Buying Grendel On eBay After Netflix Announcement

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The eBay marketplace for Grendel in the last hour has exploded. We have confirmed that a slabbed CGC 9.4 Comico Primer #2 has just sold for $2100 on eBay today while there is a brisk trade in Grendel #1 from Comico and #1 from Dark Horse as well, for around $300 raw. Even issues of Mage guest-starring Grendel are being snapped up. Five Grendel comics sold on eBay yesterday. Fifty have sold on eBay in the last hour. With copies selling as fast as people can list them, expect five hundred by the morning, or more… that’s the power of a Netflix announcement.

Everyone Is Buying Grendel On eBay After Netflix Announcement
Grendel On eBay After Netflix Announcement

The Dark Horse Twitter account spread the word. “Thrilled to announce GRENDEL is coming to @netflix! The series focuses on Hunter Rose, who will be portrayed by @theAbubakrAli. Comics creator Matt Wagner executive produces alongside Dark Horse Entertainment.”  Netflix Geeked tweeted out “Get ready for GRENDEL, an 8-episode new series based on Dark Horse’s popular comic book series from Matt Wagner. From showrunner Andrew Dabb (Resident Evil, Supernatural), GRENDEL follows Hunter Rose (Abubakr Ali), a gifted fencer, writer, & assassin who seeks to avenge the death of a lost love by going to war with New York’s criminal underworld… but why beat them, when you can join them? Says GRENDEL creator Matt Wagner: “I’m especially excited to see Abubakr Ali bring the character of Grendel/Hunter Rose to life — he has the charisma, style and vital edginess that I’ve been envisioning in the role for years.”

An 8-episode TV miniseries starring Abubakr Ali as Hunter Rose and showrun/directed by Andrew Dabb, the Netflix series is based on Matt Wagner‘s Grendel. With his first appearance in 1982 in Comico Primer #2, Matt Wagner told stories about Grendel solidly for a decade at Comico and Dark Horse, with sporadic returns including a Batman crossover, a novel by Greg Rucka and other crossovers. Grendel is the story of an author-turned-vigilante assassin who tries to take down the organised crime of New York before deciding to take it over instead. Other castings include Jaime Ray Newman as Jocasta Rose, Julian Black Antelope as Argent, Madeline Zima as Liz Sparks, Kevin Corrigan as Barry Palumbo, Emma Ho as Stacy Palumbo, Erik Palladino as Teddy Ciccone, Brittany Allen as Annabelle Wright, and Andy Mientus as Larry Stohler.

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