Hot Kaiju Action in Trials of Ultraman #5 [Preview]

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Trials of Ultraman #5 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, continuing the adventures of one lone Power Ranger on a quest to battle giant Kaiju and… look, does the comic really need any more plot than that? No, it doesn’t. So get off our back! In this preview, Ultraman does indeed battle Kaijus, so promise made, promise delivered. Check out the preview below, Ultrabronies!

(W) Kyle Higgins, Mat Groom (A) Francesco Manna (CA) Art Adams
It’s man-made Kaiju vs. real-deal Kaiju vs. Ultraman – on a shifting battlefield of ice and fire, with thousands of lives at stake!
When the smoke clears, will Ultraman be left standing? And if not, will it be because of the Kaiju battle… or the unexpected betrayal of a trusted friend?
Rated T+
In Shops: 8/4/2021
SRP: $3.99

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