The Last of Us II Player Discovers Bug That Lets Abby Kill Tommy (SPOILERS)

PS4 & PS5

Warning: This article contains spoilers (which you’ve probably already seen, read about, and heard of, but still).

The Last of Us Part II managed to upset a lot of Joel fans with one grizzly scene in which Abby golf clubs the life out of Joel. She then goes on to kill poor Jesse. But apparently, she can also kill Joel’s brother Tommy during the sequence where she and Manny are chasing Tommy as he snipes them from a distance. Tommy eventually kills Manny, leaving Abby to take him down herself.

Abby isn’t meant to kill Tommy during that sequence as it’s not a part of the script. However, a bug discovered by YouTuber Speclizer allows players to catch up to Tommy while playing as Abby and kill him. Check out Speclizer’s video below.

It does take Abby quite a bit of effort to kill Tommy, but she succeeds. Naughty Dog‘s Senior QA Jan “Gabby” Llanillo said that she identified the bug and it was marked as “fixed” at the time. She revealed that if players kill Tommy, they aren’t able to progress.

“I pretty much just vaulted over everything to catch up to him and avoided his shots since that would slow you down,” Llanillo wrote on Twitter in response to a follower who asked how the bug is triggered. “I’d also use the diving to crawl mechanic to maintain movement while dodging his shots.” She added that she classifies this as a “high priority” bug, and it’s very difficult to reproduce.

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