New Advanced Cheat Software Concerns Players, Works on All Consoles and Is Difficult to Detect

PS4 & PS5

Fans of multiplayer shooters are expressing concerns over a new advanced cheat software that’s being advertised on social media as something with “computer vision” capabilities that works on virtually any platform, including consoles.

As reported by MP1st, the software that shall not be named from a company that shall also not be named is almost impossible to detect, and offers features like auto aim and auto fire. While cheating in online games is nothing new, for the most part these softwares have plagued PC rather than consoles. And cross-play games come with the ability to turn the feature off, leaving console players to themselves. However, if this “computer vision” software gains popularity, playing games like Call of Duty Warzone will become an incredibly frustrating, messy affair.

Here’s how the company describes its new software:

Through the use of a device from XXXXXX called a ____, USER101 has unlocked the ability to mod any game on any platform in ways not thought of before. The ____ is capable of something called Computer Vision which allows you to take advantage of a nearby computer to see and react to things that are happening in your game via network streaming or a capture card. Can be used to detect enemy movement, screen text such as weapon names, and a full array of options not possible before. We are on the verge of releasing a new updated Tier System with Advanced Aim Assist. This will allow you to auto aim and lock onto enemies, auto detect weapons for perfect recoil and auto fire for precise headshots. Works on ANY platform or console including Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Here’s hoping there’s some swift action against the cheat makers.

[Source: MP1st]

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