Grab your metal detector – Treasure Hunter Simulator is on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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Can think of nothing more exciting than scouring the land looking for old bottlecaps, hoping and praying that you may stumble upon something a little more valuable? Go and grab that metal detector for Treasure Hunter Simulator is going to be the game of your dreams. 

Treasure Hunter Simulator is the latest in an ever-increasingly lengthy list of simulator affairs to hit console, building out the genre after years of PC exclusivity. Priced up at £8.39 and playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, it’s here where you’ll get the opportunity to hunt down the most valuable of artefacts, equipped with a trusty detector that will allow you the chance to gather up items and then sell them off for much needed funds. 

But this is no hardcore simulator and MD Games are attempting to add in a little arcade, hopefully making things fun in the process. Due to this Treasure Hunter Simulator should appeal to a range of players; those who are fully immersed in the detecting scene, alongside the many who want to know more about how things work. 

A whole range of locations will be present for you to scour in this treasure hunting sim, with 11 of them all handcrafted beautifully. There will be even more artefacts to find too, with more than 100 standard ones (we’re hoping that’s not 100 different bottlecaps) alongside a number of legendary ones too. With 8 metal detector types all available for use and upgrades, there’s something about Treasure Hunter Simulator that floats our boat. 

Those features in numbers include:

  • 11 beautiful, handcrafted locations
  • 8 different metal detector types to upgrade
  • 100+ artifacts to find
  • 10+ legendary artifacts
  • Artifacts can be found in various conditions
  • Identification and collection of artifacts
  • Artifacts can be sold to bolster funds for better gear and travel expenses to remote locations

Keep an eye out for our full review of it soon. In the meantime, the Xbox Store will sort you out with the download you are looking for. 

Game Description:

Treasure Hunter Simulator gives you a chance to explore historically important locations worldwide and, by using your metal detectors, to discover that past by finding interesting artefacts and getting to know their historical significance. With locations scattered all over the world, you’ll need to find something interesting and valuable in your local woods to gain the prestige and funds needed for better equipment and travel expenses to exotic, remote locations. You can decide to keep artifacts for your collection or to auction them off to travel even further or get even better gear. Treasure Hunter Simulator is not a hardcore metal detector simulator, but rather a mix of arcade and simulation. With streamlined detector mechanics the game is enjoyable not only for the fans of the genre, but casual gamers as well. Simple, intuitive gameplay elements combined with beautiful landscapes make for a truly enjoyable experience.

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