Dying Light 2: Stay Human Monster Trailer Gives a Glimpse into the Sequel’s New Zombies

PS4 & PS5

A new Dying Light 2 Monster Trailer has given fans a deeper look into the sequel title’s various new enemies, as well as the return of the towering Demolisher and dangerous Volatile. The gameplay trailer released alongside a new Dying 2 Know developer episode, which expanded upon the enemies’ designs, sounds, and animations.

The trailer starts off with a foray into an abandoned medical facility filled to the brim with infected in an attempt to find a biomarker device. The video initially starts off with “Sleeping Beauties”, which alert other nearby enemies if awaken. The player can use stealth and cover to hide from these enemies as they explore the facility. However, as they delve deeper into the building they encounter new, more dangerous variants.

The Demolisher, for instance, looks different from its Dying Light version with a tougher-looking exterior pocketed with glowing lesions. The Volatile is also back in Dying Light 2 and serves yet again as one of the most terrifying encounters of the series. The video also teased newer variants, many of which are still unnamed. Techland did confirm a few new enemies such as the “Banshee”, which sports long arms and enlarged hands that serve as weapons to attack the player. Others include a vomit-oozing zombie similar to Left 4 Dead‘s Spitter enemy, the Howler, and many more.

Additionally, the Dying 2 Know behind the scenes video also shined a light into the development process of each monster. The Demolisher’s protective skin, for example, is modeled after real-world skin diseases and burn scars. The Banshee, on the other hand, is “more feminine” and features jewelry that fused into the monster’s skin during the infection process. Each monster variant, the devs explain, has a detailed backstory to how the infection changed their bodies as well as how they would sound, move, and react to the player.

You can check out the official Dying Light 2 Monster Trailer below:

Dying Light 2: Stay Human releases for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on December 7th, 2021. It will reportedly take up around 60GB of space, but is expected to vary based on platform.

[Source: Gamespress, YouTube]

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