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Climate change and weather have once again collided in a way that is impossible to ignore. The “heat dome” currently sitting over the Pacific Northwest in the United States — and above this cartoonist — are offering homo sapiens another taste of what our future is if we don’t change our ways.

Heat records are being broken in numerous cities and towns as fires are beginning to spark once again. What’s up is down as British Columbia now has a higher recorded air temperature than Las Vegas. Oh, and in case you missed it, Siberia is cooking and huge methane craters are opening.

There is, yet again, abundant evidence that humans and their fossil fuel contraptions are causing climate change. Yes, it will be cold again and it will rain at some point but global warming marches on. With temperatures over 120 degrees in Canada and people dying, it’s amazing to think that people were once (and in some cases still are) denying a link between humans and climate change.

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