The Last Of Us Part II Lev Actor Sees ‘a Very Bright Future’ for the Character

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Ian Alexander, the actor behind The Last of Us Part II‘s Lev, has said that he sees “a very bright future” for the character, should he make the cut for a future installment.


In an extensive interview with Wired, Alexander talked about his own real life experiences and how they translated into his performance as Lev. Director Neil Druckmann recalled seeing Alexander’s performance as Buck in Netflix’s The OA, and being impressed by him. He revealed that it took a lot of work to contact Alexander, which he did via industry contacts, because the actor wasn’t represented by an agent at the time.

“I think [Lev] will find a lot of that chosen family, in a way that can help him heal from that wound of losing Yara in such a traumatic way and losing his mother in such a traumatic way and his whole community from childhood,” Alexander told Wired. “I think Lev has a very bright future.”

Druckmann agrees with Alexander’s vision of Lev’s future. However, he stopped short of confirming anything.

“We really want to take our time and figure out what’s going to be exciting for us to work on over the next three, four, maybe even five years,” said Druckmann. “That’s the work we’re doing right now and exploring different ideas. Lev was in some of those brainstorms. That’s all I can say.”

Druckmann previously revealed that The Last of Us III‘s story outline has already been written, but the game isn’t in production.

[Source: Wired]

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