Marvel’s Avengers Roadmap Updated to Focus on End-Game Content, War for Wakanda Not Affected

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Crystal Dynamics has updated Marvel’s Avengers roadmap for July to focus on delivering more end-game content prior to the release of War for Wakanda. The expansion is still slated for release in August and will not be affected by the changes.

The Patrol Mode is being pushed past War for Wakanda. In its place, the developer will release Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion and multiplayer Mega Hives alongside adding the ability to play as multiple of the same hero. The latter will now be a permanent feature, thanks to player feedback.

“We wanted to focus on end-game content before the War for Wakanda expansion released, which meant getting the first OLT and multiplayer Mega Hives in July,” wrote Crystal Dynamics. “In addition, we wanted to get Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion out sooner rather than later because that same team will be part of the team that is working on the Power Level increase coming later this year, and the OLT had to come first. The War for Wakanda expansion is unaffected and is still slated to release in August.”

The “Additional Content and Features” section of the previous roadmap has been updated with the label “In Development” because the content listed in the section is “actively being worked on.” However, it’ll release after War for Wakanda.

“Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion will be our toughest content to date when it releases in July, which culminates in a chaotic fight against the Super-Adaptoid – this time, with astonishing new abilities,” added Crystal Dynamics.

The developer will release another updated roadmap within the next month or two.

[Source: Marvel’s Avengers]

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