Quantic Dream Looking for Devs With Experience in Competitive Games and Game Economies

PS4 & PS5

Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream is apparently working on a game with multiplayer and online elements, if multiple job advertisements are anything to go by.

As spotted by ResetEra user kubus, a large number of job vacancies were published on Quantic Dream’s website during the month of June, the most recent of which make reference to in-game economies and competitive games. Most of the jobs are based in its Paris studio.

“As Senior Game Designer in the core team involved in a competitive project under development, and in close collaboration with the project’s Game Design Lead and Creative Director, you will be in charge of broadening strategic options, the game design, integration and balancing of all the actions, ‘actors’ and content of the game,” reads one job description. “You have solid experience as a Game Designer on a competitive or strategy game where you were in charge of balancing the game.”

“As a Senior Game Economy Designer, you will be responsible for all aspects of the game’s economic model,” reads another job description. “You will design the virtual products offered by the game, and establish metrics that allow you to measure consumer response to these virtual products during user tests and after release.”

Games with online and multiplayer elements are quite a departure for Quantic Dream so it’ll be interesting to see what the developer is up to. Other job advertisements reveal that it’s working on a AAA action-adventure game, but it’s unclear if it’s all the same project or multiple projects.

[Source: Quantic Dream via ResetEra]

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