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Remember the draw of the brilliant Smash TV from back in the day? Well, Silesia Games and aQuadiun Games are looking to recreate that brilliance with the launch of Galaxy Champions TV on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Galaxy Champions TV has been fully inspired by Smash TV, giving players the chance to kick back in a closed arena, before shooting their way to glory – top-down style. 

Running a price of £5.79, in Galaxy Champions TV you’ll be found taking in some seriously brutal, super fast-paced run and gunning gameplay, as you utilise a variety of weapons and power-ups, take down a whole ton of enemies, and defeat the most hardcore of bosses. 

Upgrades galore will be present too, with more than 40 in place and ready for full use, it is these which should mean the 15 odd weapon options continue to stay fresh no matter how long you spend attempting to become a Galaxy Champion. But there’s more than that and in terms of numbers alone Galaxy Champions TV is chock. You see, you’ll be taking this fight across four planets, against upwards of 15 enemies types, and through four different bosses; all of which promise to deliver the most insane of fights. 

You can also throw a two-player local cooperative mode in, multiple difficulty levels, a leaderboard for thos happy to chase placings and an Arcade mode which is all about the score – you know, just like the good old days. 

Those numbers and features in full include:

  • – Brutal, fast paced run and gun gameplay. Be fast or die!
  • – Arcade score chaser-style game!
  • – Global leaderboard: player can compete with other players.
  • – 2-player local co-op mode. Don’t fight alone! Win this show with your friends!
  • – Difficulty levels: player can select difficulty before start a run.
  • – 40+ unlockable upgrades.
  • – 15+ powerful weapons (5 powerful upgradable weapons).
  • – 4 different planets.
  • – 15+ various enemies.
  • – 4 insane boss fights.

If you reckon you have what it takes to become the champion of the most violent TV show of all time, then a download of Galaxy Champions TV on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can be grabbed from the Xbox Store
Keep an eye out for our full review soon too. 

Game Description:

Galaxy Champions TV is a top-down closed arena shooter inspired by the classic arcade game Smash TV. Get powerful weapons and power-ups, kill huge amount of enemies, level up, unlock upgrades and beat all the bosses to become the champion of the most violent TV show of all time! Are you ready to become the Champ?!

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