Magneto Is Trending Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers’ False Claims

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Magneto, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for X-Men #1 is the master of magnetism. He is currently a member of the Quiet Council on Krakoa in the comic books. But on Twitter, he is the hashtag of choice after a few folks decided that being vaccinated was making them magnetic, and asked government committees just how pieces of metal were suddenly sticking to their sweaty, slightly titled back skin. Cut to everyone deciding that this sounded a really cool thing and #Magneto started trending. Brands got involved as well. Here are a few examples after Mark Brooks shows us how it’s really done.

#Magneto Is Trending Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers
Mark Brooks as Magneto screencap
  • BossLogic: So you’re telling me if you get vaccinated you get the X-Gene? I’m in #magneto
  • Lillith: As happy as I am to see #Magneto trending, my vaccine induced mutant power seems limited to a hot temper and changing clothes really fast… do I have to wait the full two weeks to get the sticky metal Omega level thing going on?
  • MacVis: Wondering why #Magneto is trending, only to find out people are pissed off cause they got their vaccinations and are still waiting for magneto’s super powers to manifest
  • Melanie St-Pierre: Can’t wait to be able to magnetically stick keys to my face, one step closer to not needing a purse! #GetVaccinated #Magneto #CovidVaccine
  • Luis Guerra: So apparently there are people (you know who) that are claiming the covid vaccine is turning people into Magneto and I was wondering if anyone knew if I can voluntarily get a third dose? #magneto #covidvaccine
  • Mike Bridges: I just think it’s bullsh-t that I haven’t gotten these magnetic powers yet and I’ve been vaccinated for over a month! When should I expect to be a mutant Dr. Tenpenny?? #vaccinated #Magneto
  • Drew John: Next time the #XMen reboots, this’ll be #Magneto’s origin story – I’m telling yuh!
  • Logan Tweets: Dude….I get why people think the vaccine causes magnetism. If I had the chance, I’d want to be a Dollar Store Magneto too! …sadly It just gives a greater protection against a virus. BOO. #Magneto #Vaccines #Morons
  • Jeep: Wait, people are turning into #Magneto? We’re gonna need more charging stations.
#Magneto Is Trending Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers
Jeep PR

So how is it going in the UK? Well, this morning, I cycled past Piers Corbyn, brother of former Leader Of The Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn this morning as he led a march of anti-vaxxers to Downing Street, London. I counted twelve of them.

#Magneto Is Trending Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers
Downing Street photo by Rich Johnston
#Magneto Is Trending Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers
Downing Street photo by Rich Johnston

Sadly Piers Corbyn didn’t try to do the thing that Magneto did to the gates of Downing Street…

#Magneto Is Trending Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers
Downing Street photo by Rich Johnston

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