Descenders rides to full physical release and Xbox Series X|S optimisation

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Ever since the arrival of the next-gen consoles in the form of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and that PlayStation 5, numerous games have been updated, enhanced and then fully optimised for the power of the new hardware. The latest game to take that route is Descenders, yet not only is it now coming in super shiny form, but a full physical release joins the usual digital option. 

Available to purchase and download since mid-2019, some two years later Descenders is found to be arriving in physical format with the No More Robots team joining forces with Sold Out to allow those who can’t quite bring themselves to ditch the disc, the chance to play. 

The physical edition of Descenders is playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, whilst those playing the game on the latter next-gen consoles will also find full optimisation in hand.  This means that those ready to descend in Descenders on Xbox Series X|S will be able to compete in 8-player lobbies, with improved visuals and having the choice between playing in 4K resolution or 120FPS performance mode. 

If you haven’t ever stumbled upon the extreme downhill rider, then you’re missing out on some serious stuff – as our full review of Descenders on Xbox states. This is a game that works the procedurally generated angle, building worlds before tasking players to fly down them as quick – yet as safely – as possible. Make a mistake and you’ll know about it, with real consequences affecting those whose skills abandon them. 

A huge range of jumps, lumps, bumps, slopes and hillbombs await Descender players right now. Surely the optimised move to Xbox Series X|S means this demands a whole new play? You’ll find the game available digitally from the Xbox Store. Remember, that physical option is there too. 

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