Cartoon: Voting enhancement

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You say “voting enhancement,” I say “voter suppression.” All across the country, Republican lawmakers are using Donald Trump’s election lie to pass voting restrictions. We’ve got to make voters more confident in our election system after we undermined their confidence by crying about a stolen election that wasn’t stolen, right?

Coincidentally, the voter suppression measures being championed by Republicans will impact people of color and voters who are more likely to vote Democratic. If you can’t win a majority of the votes, just undermine that majority by making it harder for minorities to vote.

As if calling the violent insurrectionists of January 6th “normal tourists” wasn’t enough, now Republicans want to forbid voting before 1:00 p.m. on Sundays and bringing water to people waiting in long lines to vote. I’m just waiting for a bill that will outlaw touching a ballot in an urban area to be introduced in some state legislature . . .

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