Marvel Releases Hellfire Gala Zoom Backgrounds for Video Conferencing

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To commemorate the historic achievement of stretching out the events of one single night into an entire 12-issue comic book crossover, Marvel Comics has stretched out a single repeating background for a series of connecting variant covers into thirteen separate Hellfire Gala Zoom backgrounds that fans can use during video meetings to tell their co-workers: “you work with a dork.” Each background features the green carpet featured in Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson’s variants, but with the characters cut out. Now you can pretend your phoning into read off the production numbers from the green carpet of thus Summer’s hottest comic book event. But be careful you don’t get too into it and dress for the occasion. Sure, you could maybe get away with wearing Cyclops’ or Storm’s outfits to a work conference call, but if you show up dressed like Angel or Prestige, you are definitely getting fired and possibly reported to Human Resources for multiple violations (“They were using a leash made of human hair to hold onto their pitbull puppy!”) In any case, check out the Hellfire Gala Zoom backgrounds below and right-click save if you want to impress your co-workers at the next meeting.

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