Get to work in the Bunny Factory on Xbox One and Series X|S

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DillyFrameGames have made a bit of a name for themselves on the back of some fluffy bunnies. Now though they are sticking those same rabbits into a mech suit and putting them to work, as Bunny Factory launches on Xbox.

Previously having released the likes of Bunny Parking, SokoBunny and Kick It, Bunny to Xbox, DillyFrameGames have a liking for rabbits, so much so that it seems like they are making it their end goal to establish them in every genre of the video gaming world. It’s that mission which has seen the release of Bunny Factory to Xbox – with the team behind it upping the ante in terms of the quality on offer too. 

Priced at £8.39, Bunny Factory is the latest in the line of ‘Bunny’ games, but it’s certainly the best. Detailed in our full review of the game on Xbox, this is a title which will see you helping your little bunny friends to set up full factory production, shifting blocks through a 3D puzzling landscape in order to see restoration of all control modules. 

The aim is for you to grab and then charge these blocks, utilising specific colours before activating the lines found in the factory electrical circuits, arranging them in a specific way to allow for full power to be established. It certainly beats kicking a load of cars around a car park as was the case in Bunny Parking

With 100 or so levels to enjoy, the chance for some online cooperative play for up to four bunnies (and with that the opportunity to kick your friends!), and increasing levels of difficulty no matter how you play, it’s great to see that another bunny title has rocked up; especially when it is capable of so much more than previous games. 

If you wish to pick up a download of Bunny Factory on Xbox, you’ll find the Xbox Store holding the key to your wishes. 

Game Description:

The bunnies decided to open their own factory for the production of robots, but the trouble is – the contractor who built the plant forgot to make the initial configuration of all control modules. Therefore, you will have to do it yourself or with friends. Grab the blocks, charge them with the correct colors and activate the lines of the electrical schemes. Arrange all blocks in the electrical scheme correctly to get a “gold” control block. Use the control block to activate the doors, conveyor belt and other modules of the factory, because with each received block you get closer to your goal.

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