Marvel Teases For Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Ram V and Bryan Hitch

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Some of Marvel’s bigger comic book creators have been engaged in a Marvel PR-designed series of tweets, that suggests there’s a new Marvel comic book by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley to be announced. And one from Ram V and Bryan Hitch to follow.

Donny Cates: Man, I’m having so much fun on this new @Marvel book I’m doing, I can’t wait anymore. I know Marvel won’t like this but…I’m just going to go ahead and announce it next week.

Ryan Ottley: I doubt Marvel would be MORE mad if you just announced it NOW compared to next week. Just tell them, Donny!

CB Cebulski: Whoa, whoa. Guys, slow it down here. Now. We talked about this and the timing already. Hard to walk this back now, but no announcements yet! Please.

Ram V: Announcements, you say? Next week?! Funny, @Al_Ewing @THEBRYANHITCH
and I have something big on the way too…

Bryan Hitch: That thing? NOBODY will want to know about that! Who wants a story THAT epic, cool and fun? Grab some popcorn chaps, let’s watch the Internet explode…!

Marvel Entertainment: Big news next week, True Believers.

Marvel Teases For Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Ram V and Bryan Hitch
Credit: Marvel

UPDATE: Tom Taylor, late to the party, throws in; We’re announcing our next @Marvelbooks? Oh, great! So, I should just go now, right, @CBCebulski?

There have been other tweets going on of course, from comic book creators no longer at Marvel. More on them later. But does this mean that, against the prelude in the Stargirl Spring Break Special, that Bryan Hitch is not drawing Geoff Johns’ Justice Society Of America as a series? We didn’t misunderstand did we? A Battle Of The Teases, we’ll never live it down…

Either way, look forward to Marvel Comics actually announcing something, maybe next week, unless it will just be another announcement of an announcement lined up. Basically, at some point, Marvel Comics will publish something for someone to read. And you heard it here first.

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