7 Horizons to bring the Rayman and Mega Man vibe to PC and console

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7 horizons

RedDeerGames have recently made a bit of a name for themselves with two quirky little adventures – Under Leaves and Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia. But it’s not just the edutainment sector that this team at looking to embrace, it’s the classics too, and it’s here where 7 Horizons looks to come in. 

Due to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2021, 7 Horizons is a beautiful shooter/platformer that takes more than a hint and cue from the likes of Rayman and Mega Man. And honestly, if that doesn’t get you to sit up and take interest, we’re not sure what will. 

It goes a bit further than that actually and press materials point to this being ‘Rayman meets Mega Man’, infusing the two classics together in one. It has you playing as Jelly, who, as the name suggests, is a jelly that can change its shape depending on what is required. You see, old Jelly is able to take on the form and skills of those that they meet, utilising the talent to travel the galaxy, free their mentor and learn the secrets behind Distortion – the evil invader. 

Pushed out to market with a delightful comic book style, with hand-drawn visuals, tons of humour and a comic atmosphere, it’ll be up to you to help Jelly make the most of the skills on tap, and a variety of weapons in order to work out what the hell is going on. Various challenges will need to be met in order to find success on each of the planets, monsters and bosses will need to be taken down, whilst the chance to take home a ton of goodies in the process, makes this a very intriguing one. 

Key features include:

  • Rayman meets Mega Man
  • Many playable characters
  • Varied and rich levels
  • On every one a little PEW PEW!
  • but also platforming challenges.
  • Hand-drawn comic book graphics…
  • …and comic book humor.
  • Powerful enemies,
  • even more powerful bosses!
  • And the goodies. Lots and lots of goodies.

You can add 7 Horizons to your Steam wishlist right now, but if you’re preferring the console route, hold tight for further details as and when we have it. It would certainly make sense to give the trailer a little watch though. 

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