The Flash #770 Review: Wally West’s Quantum Leap

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With a heavy serving of tropes ladled all over this script, the “Wally West’s Quantum Leap To Escape Consequences” tour continues in The Flash #770 by dropping the modern-day speedster into World War 2 for a chance to play out that superhero cliche everyone talks about but literally has no value to actually enact in a modern book.

Flash #770 Review: Wally West's Quantum Leap
Flash #770 Cover. Credit: DC Comics

Ignoring again that unpleasantness with Wally West, this issue follows the Jay Garrick version of the Flash and the Happy Terrill version of the Ray heading into danger to stop the Nazis from getting the Spear of Destiny. Sound familiar? It should be — versions of this plot have appeared in comics for a long time. Few of them have been as beautifully rendered as this work by Jack Herbert, Brandon Peterson, Kevin Maguire, Michael Atiyeh, and Steve Wands (that lighting effect on the faces outside the Oval Office, yes!), but that’s sadly a peripheral concern.

Jeremy Adams’ script doesn’t follow the rule that endings should be inevitable and surprising because there are a lot of other ways for this to have played out, maybe even better ways, and nothing happened here that wasn’t pretty by the book. There’s an exhaustion to that, as maybe re-invoking Nazis as often as we have may have used the Beetlejuice or Candyman principle and literally summoned them up, but hey, here we are. Wally West’s involvement is unlikely to have changed the tide of Fixed Points In Time, and his effect on the “faith” of Happy Terrill is likewise uninspired in its butterfly effect. Let’s not even get on how little effect the supporting cast of Oliver Queen, Michael Holt, and Barry Allen had on the plot.

This story seems to be gaining steam rather than losing it, which is tragic in and of itself, but hopefully, it won’t go on for much longer. RATING: NO. JUST … NO.

The Flash #770
By Jeremy Adams, Jack Herbert, Brandon Peterson, Kevin Maguire
Dropped into the battlefields of World War II, Wally West continues his search for a way home. As the Fastest Man Alive comes face to face with the Fuhrer himself, Wally’s friends in the present day search for a way to bring him back and an answer to why he’s stuck leaping from speedster to speedster throughout time.

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