Samorost has a new enhanced edition, and it’s still free


Samorost has always been free to play in your browser, but there’s now a new edition with enhanced graphics and new music that’s similarly free on Steam and Itch. If you’ve not played it before, there’s no better time to check out one of the best free games and one of the all-time classic point-and-click adventure games.

The new music is from Floex, aka Tomáš Dvořák, who produced the music for Samorost 2 and 3 (and Machinarium). Him going back to create music for the original game is very cool.

Because Samorost is very cool. It’s a classic point-and-click adventure, but it jettisons a lot of the genre’s cruft. There’s no dialogue trees or inventory. Instead, there’s a beautiful, strange, alien world, where progress is discovered via playful experimentation. You’ll be swallowed and spat out by strange creatures, go skiing on hills of green, and unfurl a proboscis into a tree’s mouth. Delightful.

Plus, it’s short – about 15 minutes, I reckon – which is a good thing. If you like it, Samorost 2 is about an hour long and only £4.

Amanita Design have to be among the most consistently interesting indie studios. After Samorost, they made its sequels, Machinarium, Chuchel, Creeps, and they’re currently working on the gruesome Happy Game.

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