Mojo Bones Is Working On A New Switch Project – Chrono Faction

ChronoFaction KeyArt1© Mojo Bones

Way back in the distant mists of time, also known as 2013, Nintendo first introduced Siesta Fiesta – by developer Mojo Bones – on 3DS as part of its Indiecade showcase; we then saw it at a Post-E3 ‘Nindie’ event the following year, and rather enjoyed it in our review. It was a fun game that took the idea of Breakout, dialled it up with creative sidescrolling stages and boss fights, and did all of that against a visually impressive backdrop.

It was a good example of the studio’s ability to take an arcade concept and work it through various steps of evolution. Now, many years and a hardware generation later, the studio is planning its Nintendo return on Switch.

Chrono Faction will be making good use of the Switch hardware, with the studio’s Stuart Ryall sending us a fun picture of the game running on their arcade unit and Nintendo’s little system.

Chrono Faction© Mojo Bones

So, what is it? Below is the tease we were given, and readers are also invited to submit their interest in multiplayer beta testing, too.

Chrono Faction is a completely unique fusion of action/strategy with an equally strong focus on both single and multiplayer. Chrono Faction’s 1-on-1 gameplay has also been designed to take advantage of the Switch hardware’s many configurations. A full reveal will be coming soon.

Also, if the Nintendo Life community would like to register an interest in getting hands-on with the game’s beta test, they can drop an email to [email protected]

There you have it, a tease at this stage with a full reveal on the way; we’ll keep you posted as more details are announced.

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