Green Lantern #2 Review: A New Era On Oa

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With a sweeping sense of scope, drastically reimagined responsibilities, and rock-solid characterization, it’s a new era on Oa in Green Lantern #2. Everything is not bright and shiny as ancient forces bearing a grudge are intent on bringing down the Lantern legacy at the moment of their ascension.

Green Lantern #2 Review: A New Era On Oa
Green Lantern #2. Credit: DC Comics

John Stewart stands at the center of the greatest moment of change for the Corps since its inception. An agreement with the newborn United Planets means a difference in the policing of the galaxy and right off the bat, rubbing the ringslingers the wrong way. The script from Geoffrey Thorne does a great job giving lots of characters space to be “in their feelings” in very limited periods of time, no mean feat. Likewise, when doing a sweeping starscape or focused on tears on a single character’s face, the visual storytelling from Dexter Soy, Marco Santucci, Alex Sinclair, and Rob Leigh manages the intricacies deftly.

What’s most striking about this issue is the boldness and cohesiveness of its vision. This week’s Batman book does its bit to try and move towards the Future State continuity in a grim fashion that thematically undercuts the franchise. Here, with the funeral of a Guardian, this issue creates the environment that can allow Future State‘s gritty portents to come to bear but does so in a way that emphasizes the importance of the characters and the work they value. That’s very effective and chock full of quotes worthy of memes and reposting.

Even with a gigantic cast, this could be the leanest and cleanest look at interstellar law enforcement the Corps has ever had and is well worth your hard-earned money. RATING: BUY.

Green Lantern #2
By Geoffrey Thorne, Marco Santucci, Dexter Soy
A Guardian of the Universe lies dead, and the universe teeters on the brink of war. As the summit of the United Planets and the Green Lantern Corps falls into chaos, an even bigger threat looms. With John Stewart reassigned to the role of an ambassador, a surprise appearance by one of the newest Green Lanterns may be all that stands between the Corps and oblivion. (Spoiler: it’s Far Sector’s Jo Mullein.)

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