Adam Hughes’ Pop Kill #4 Cover Sells For Over $1000 On eBay

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Bleeding Cool has covered Pop Kill before, the Jimmy Palmiotti-Kickstartered action-adventure in which the two dominant and competing Cola companies, each worth billions, are owned by former conjoined twins who are now separated and have grown to hate each other so much they hire assassins, saboteurs, and espionage personnel to meddle with each other on a daily basis.  This is the story about brotherly love run afoul, and the people they enlist to do their dirty work.

Adam Hughes' Pop Kill #4 Cover Sells For Over $1000 On eBay
Adam Hughes’ Pop Kill #4 Cover Sells For Over $1000 On eBay

Naturally, Jimmy gets a number of his friends and compatriots to help him with variant covers and the like – but the Adam Hughes cover for Pop Kill #4 seems to have exploded on the aftermarket, with recent sales hitting $500 on eBay for a raw copy and $1062.79 for a CGC 9.8 copy.

On Kickstarter that would have cost $60 plus shipping for the Adam Hughes cover to #4 and the Bill Sienkiewicz cover to #3. Copies of that have sold for $140. Either way, that’s quite the return on a Kickstarter investment.

Adam Hughes' Pop Kill #4 Sells For Over $1000 on eBay
Bill Sienkiewicz’s Pop Kill #3 Cover

Palmiotti’s creator-owned titles are always up for TV and film work through his own company Paperfilms with Amanda Conner. And Palmiotti has had his own Painkiller Jane take that journey. But there didn’t seem to be anything different about Pop Kill, let along Pop Kill #4. It just seems that people really, really like that cover…

Adam Hughes' Pop Kill #4 Sells For Over $1000 on eBay
Adam Hughes’ Pop Kill #4 Cover Sells For Over $1000 On eBay

As Jimmy says “Our future in comics is all about creators being able to express themselves in this amazing art form. Amanda and I are going to do more creator-owned projects in the near future, and having the Paperfilms website has been a great help in pushing our new ideas. We want to continue to make comics that exist as only comics and not worry about censorship, people holding licenses, and all the stuff that weighs down and restricts great ideas. We love the characters of the bigger companies, but it’s time to introduce everyone to our own characters that we control and can be as goofy and as outrageous as we like.”

And maybe they may have a few more backers for their next crowdfunded…

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